An easy way to learn ひらがな(Hiragana)



This might be your first attempt at learning japanese, and learning how to read and write is really important for that. Hiragana is one of the "alphabets" used in japanese and the first you should learn. There are many ways to learn hiragana but if we take advantage of words you might already know it'll be much easier.

What is the plan?

I made a list for you with mostly japanese words that are already common outside of Japan. You will recognize most if not all of them with the help of the hiragana chart. There are pictures on the bottom half of the word list to help you. For the first half try to figure them out for yourself.

You improve what you train, so if you train recognition and recall, you'll learn to recognize and recall hiragana.

How to learn?

Have fun and link this guide to your friends if you enjoyed it.

Some explanations

The " and ° you'll see in the chart change the sounds. か(ka) becomes が(ga), は(ha) becomes ば(ba)、and so on. ほ becomes ぽ(po), or ぼ(bo). And so on. All the possibiities are in the chart anyway and I didn't include words with those variants because as you'll see, just by remembering ほ or か the rest follows. しゃ and りゃ and so on do a sound change but this time is like a blend between the big character and the small one. Worry about this once you've mastered the following list. There's nothing daunting about that. This process should take you a week, or two at most, at a slow pace, not months.


Taken from this site

Word List

How to count: 1 いち 2 に 3 さん 4 し 5 ご 6 ろく 7 なな 8 はち 9 きゅう 10 じゅう ひらがな にほんご ありがとう えもじ おにぎり だいすき からて じゅうどう あいきどう じゅうじゅつ きもの くるま けん こい はいく ひと ふとん たいへん ほんだ まんが みそ さむらい おめでとう すもう らむね きれい くろい さけ しあつ すし せんぱい なりた にんじゃ いぬ ねこ のり たまご もち つなみ てりやき とうふ やきとり ゆかた さよなら わさび ぼんさい すし さけ にほん おちゃ はし かわいい かみさま おはよう しつれいします こんばんは ごはん だいこん おんせん みりん みそ しょうゆ あさ みず とよた おりがみ かたな しゅりけん おおさか ときょう きょうと おきなわ

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